jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

in my neighborhood

These are drawings I made while living in "el Madrid de los Austrias" very close to the Royal Theatre. It wasn't until a few years later that I saw my first show a beautiful performance by the Nederlands Dans Theater with choreographies by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot.

5 comentarios:

  1. ¡Hola cuqui! ¡Qué bonita tu línea! Me gusta ese abrazo caído. ¿Cuando nos caeremos en un abrazo tu y yo? Ya va siendo hora...

  2. Qué cosas tan bonitas se ven en tu barrio. Mami

  3. these are great - the building one is particular has so much life and detail to dive into. reminds me to sketch outside some!

  4. qué caña Geni!
    Mola tu línea!


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